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If you are looking for a good book to read in English Braille, Large Print, or Audio format, then you are at the right place.  Our patrons LOVE our books and for good reason—they are filled with the Love of God through authors He has inspired and given the gift to write.


The purpose and mission of IRIS LENDING LIBRARY FOR THE BLIND, INC. (IRIS LLB) is to acquire and/or produce Christian books in specialized formats of Braille, Large Print, and Audio to provide legally Visually-Impaired and Blind individuals with Christian books in formats they are able to read.  It is our hope that as our patrons read our books that they will see Christ Jesus and view their life and the world in which they live through His eyes.   


IRIS LLB has a rich resource of a wide variety of Christian books provided FREE of CHARGE on a lending basis to legally visually-impaired and blind individuals throughout the United States and Canada.  We offer popular books from timeless classics to current treasures written by respected, Christian authors. Genres include Bible Studies, Devotions, Christian Life, Christian Faith, Biographies, Autobiographies, Christian Fiction, Music, Poems, and more for all ages from primary to adult. 


We hope you will access and browse through IRIS LLB’s catalogs, discover a number of books you want to read, and then contact the library.  The volunteers at the library will establish you as a patron with your “Want List”--a list of books you want to read--and mail out the first book on your list to get you started as a patron of IRIS LLB.