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IRIS LENDING LIBRARY FOR THE BLIND, INC. volunteers are putting God’s love in action by loving their visually-impaired and blind “neighbors” by serving them with a “Free Gift”.  This “Free Gift” of service in providing the patrons with library books filled with Biblically-based Christian content are produced and provided, collectively, through their unique talents and teasures God has blessed each of them with.  It is their way of putting God’s love into action.


God has entrusted the volunteers in Jacksonville, Florida with a unique gift—IRIS LENDING LIBRARY FOR THE BLIND, INC.  Are you interested in volunteering your talents at The Library? Here is a list of Ways You Can Participate:


We welcome, and sincerely appreciate, prayers on behalf of IRIS LENDING LIBRARY FOR THE BLIND, INC.  We firmly believe in the power of prayer. May we ask for your prayers regarding the Library’s:


Patrons – that God will lead them to IRIS LENDING LIBRARY FOR THE BLIND, INC. and provide all their needs, and that they will be blessed through the books they receive and through their contact with The Library’s volunteers.


Volunteers – that God will supply The Library with volunteers equipped to perform each task that needs to be accomplished to meet the needs of our patrons.  Pray that God will guide and direct them in all their ways according to His good and gracious will, that they may be blessed for their faithfulness.


Future – that the plans God has in mind for IRIS LENDING LIBRARY FOR THE BLIND, INC. will be fulfilled according to His purpose.  That the conversion process of audio books from Cassette Tape to NLS Digital format will come to fruition and completion according to God’s will and perfect timing. 


We welcome your prayer requests, as well, as we consider it a welcome privilege and honor to serve you in this way.  You may call or email us as listed on our “Home” Web Page to share your request with us.

Braille Angels Ministry

Do you enjoy making crafts? We invite you to join us in crafting Braille angels as a fundraising project for The Lutheran Library for the Blind. Contact us today for the patterns, instructions, Braille paper and other craft ideas for you or your craft group to help support The Lutheran Library for the Blind ministry at Holy Cross Lutheran Church.


IRIS LENDING LIBRARY FOR THE BLIND, INC. is a not for profit organization registered with the State of Florida, Department of State Division of Corporations and IRS Department of Treasury Internal Revenue Service (EIN#83-2857694).  Donations may be made payable to: IRIS LLB, INC. and mailed to 9501 Arlington Expressway Suite 225, Jacksonville, FL 32225.


We invite you to join our volunteer team!  Whether you live near or far away, we hope you will browse the list below for some ideas for volunteering.  We look forward to having you contact us to discover various ways you can share your God-given abilities in helping to provide Christian-based books to Visually Impaired and Blind individuals throughout the United States and Canada. 


Looking for some colorful artwork with which to decorate your home, office, etc OR are you an artistic painter interested in applying your skills on a unique canvas?  One of our volunteers had an idea of painting Iris flowers on our discarded, Braille-embossed paper. The paintings have been donated for fundraising purposes and are on display and available at the library.  Let us know if you are interested in donating your talents for such a project or desire to acquire one of the paintings.


It is time for us to begin crafting, once again, and taking orders for Braille Angels.  Contact the library if you, your friends, or church groups are interested in helping with the Braille Angel Project this year.  Every year we craft Braille-embossed paper angels decorated with 1” Christmas bulbs (for angels’ heads), 3” pieces of chenille for halos, 15” of ¼” ribbon for bows, plus glue sprinkled with glitter for Christmas ornaments as a fundraising project.  We supply the Braille-embossed paper with patterns and instructions to fashion the angels’ bodies, arm sleeves, and wings which are secured with the help of glue sticks with a cool-temp, hot-glue gun and, then, decorated.


Would you, or anyone you know, like to perform as the original Saint Nicholas for a special Christmas program in your church or community?  We have copies, with permission from the publisher, of a really good monologue to be performed as a benefit for the library at Christmastime.  The monologue starts off about the life and customs developed over the years regarding St. Nicholas but manages to steer the audience to focus on not just the origin of customs and their purpose but the origin of Christmas and what it is truly all about—or the purpose of Christmas.  The monologue performance, itself, is 23 minutes in length but the program is designed in such a way that additional individuals or groups may participate to easily expand the program to one hour with audience caroling OR as much as two hours in length if expanded to a dinner theatre with highlights of varying Christmas customs from around the world.  Contact the library if interested in hosting such an event in your church or community.


Become a Braille Transcriber

Enroll in a local or online Braille Transcriber Course to become a Library of Congress Certified Braille Transcriber or Braille Proof Reader. Click Below for more information.

Host a Benefit

Host any of the following events for the Benefit of IRIS LLB: 

Eye-Wareness Event, Garage Sale, Book Drive, Movie Night with a Free-Will Offering, Music or Chorale Concert, Car Wash, Craft Fair,  Benefit Dinner, etc. Email IRISLLB for more ideas. 

Be a Book Review Volunteer 

A Book Review Volunteer advises the IRIS Lending Library for the Blind or prospective books and/or reads them for the Library to ensure they contain acceptable content. 

Be An IRISLLB Ambassador

Invite an IRIS Lending Lirary for the Blind Volunteer to speak at your church, conference, or community function. Inform your local nursing home or assisted living facility abliut IRISLLB or Share the IRISLLB website with your friends and family.

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